Photos of Lucens near Lausanne

Lucens is a pretty village with a medieval castle, a Sherlock Holmes Museum, and many hiking trails offering lovely views for photos on a half-day trip from Lausanne in Switzerland.

Lucens Castle

Lucens is a pretty village with a lovely medieval fortress, a Sherlock Holmes Museum, many hiking trails as well as mini golf and swin golf courses nearby in the small agricultural community of Cremin. It is a popular half-day trip from nearby Lausanne or other destinations on Lake Geneva or inland from Fribourg or Bern.

Photos of Lucens in Switzerland

The photographic highlight of Lucens is the Château de Lucens. The castle partly dates back to the thirteenth century but most of the building is from the sixteenth century and later when the Bernese ruled over Vaud. The castle towers over the town but may also be beautifully photographed from the hiking and mountain bike trails behind the town. The castle itself is not open to visitors.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Lucens Castle was the home of Sir Adrian Conon Doyle, son of the more famous Sir Arthur. He left memorabilia from his father and his most famous characters for the small Sherlock Holmes Museum housed in the Maison Rouge in Lucens’ old town. Photography inside the museum is strictly forbidden.

Several hikes are possible in the forests in the hills behind Schloss Lucens. A VTT mountain bike and horse riding trails are further attractions. In the small agricultural community of Cremin, visitors may enjoy a leisurely round of mini-golf or swin golf – both courses feature 18 holes.

Photos of Lucens in Switzerland on Flickr