Photos of St-Sulpice on Lake Geneva

Romanesque church of St Sulpice is popular for photos in the Lake Geneva region

The photogenic small Romanesque church in St-Sulpice near Lausanne is the main reason to visit and takes photos in this small, upmarket residential community on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. St Sulpice is a small town on the northern shores of Lac Léman. It is a popular and upmarket residential town for commuters working in nearby … Read more

Photos of St Prex near Morges on Lake Geneva

Wrought iron Dragon in St Prex

Photos of St Prex – a romantic small town on a peninsula in Lake Geneva near Morges in the La Côte region of Switzerland. The historic old town center is photogenic, as is the waterfront with views of the Alps. St Prex is a lovely old town and a pleasure to visit in any weather. … Read more

Photos of Lucens near Lausanne

Lucens Castle

Lucens is a pretty village with a medieval castle, a Sherlock Holmes Museum, and many hiking trails offering lovely views for photos on a half-day trip from Lausanne in Switzerland. Lucens is a pretty village with a lovely medieval fortress, a Sherlock Holmes Museum, many hiking trails as well as mini golf and swin golf … Read more