Chateau and Top Sights to See in Coppet near Geneva

Chateau de Coppet Allee

Château de Coppet, a palace associated with Neckar and Mme de Staël, is the top sight in this pretty Lake Geneva port village just north of Genève. Coppet is a small village on the shores of Lake Geneva just to the north of Geneva. The village is mostly visited to see its eighteenth-century chateau with … Read more

Photos of St-Sulpice on Lake Geneva

Romanesque church of St Sulpice is popular for photos in the Lake Geneva region

The photogenic small Romanesque church in St-Sulpice near Lausanne is the main reason to visit and takes photos in this small, upmarket residential community on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. St Sulpice is a small town on the northern shores of Lac Léman. It is a popular and upmarket residential town for commuters working in nearby … Read more

Yvoire – a Medieval Floral Town on Lake Geneva, France

Approaching Yvoire on Lake Geneva, France

Romantic, medieval, flower-rich Yvoire is a small French town on Lac Léman popular with day-trippers from Genève, Lausanne, Nyon (by passenger ferry), Évian, and ski resorts in the Lake Geneva region. Yvoire is a small but very romantic small town (population ca. 800) on the southern, French shores of Lake Geneva. This traffic-free village has … Read more