Lake Geneva Winter and Christmas Season Boat Cruises

MS Vevey in Geneva during Winter

During the winter season, CGN pleasure boat cruises on Lac Léman are limited to ferry boats, fondue dinner cruises, and sailings on Sundays and national holidays including Christmas and New Year’s Day — departures are most common from Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, and Nyon. Cruising on Lake Geneva has been popular with tourists in the Lac … Read more

Ferry Boats and Pleasure Cruises from Lausanne on Lake Geneva

SS La Suisse Approaching Lausanne Ouchy

Lake Geneva passenger ferry boats connect Lausanne with Evian and Thonon while pleasure cruise boats go to Montreux, Nyon, Yvoire, and Genève. Lausanne is one of the best departure ports for cruises on Lake Geneva. A large number of ferry and pleasure boats depart from Lausanne-Ouchy while the Alpine background on these cruises are more … Read more

Lake Geneva Pleasure Cruises from Vevey and Lausanne

SS Montreux Leaving Vevey

The most spectacular boat cruises on Lake Geneva are from Lausanne or Vevey with the Lavaux vineyards and Alps as background. The pleasure boat cruises on Lac Léman with the best scenery and most spectacular backdrops are on the upper parts of the lake between Lausanne and the Montreux area. CGN lake boat cruises depart … Read more

Explore Vineyards with the Mobilis Lavaux Riviera Pass

Trains in the Lavaux in Autumn

Travelers save with the Mobilis Lavaux Riviera day pass on trains and buses when exploring the vineyards between Lausanne and Montreux on Lac Léman. The vineyards of the Lavaux region on the northern shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland are amongst the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. In addition to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-listed … Read more

Visit the Swiss Museum of Games on Lake Geneva

Games at La Tour-de-Peilz

The Swiss Museum of Games in a small chateau right on the banks of Lake Geneva between Vevey and Montreux is a great day trip destination from Genève, Lausanne, or Evian. The Swiss Museum of Games (Musée Suisse du Jeu) is in a lovely small chateau directly on the northern shore of Lake Geneva in … Read more

Visit the Alimentarium Food Museum in Vevey on Lake Geneva

Charlie Chaplin Statue in front of the Alimentarium

The Alimentarium is a museum and information center on food, its production, nutritional value, and cultural history associated with eating. The Alimentarium Food Museum on the Vevey lakeshore of Lac Léman has a wealth of information on food, nutrition, and the cultural history of eating. The museum covers several themes including cooking, eating, producing, buying, … Read more

Visit the Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey

Swiss Camera Museum on Grand Place in Vevey

The Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey covers photography and equipment from the camera obscura to the digital age. The Swiss Camera Museum on Grand Place in Vevey is a surprisingly interesting and entertaining museum. The museum covers photography from its inception to the modern digital age. It has a vast display of historic cameras and … Read more