Photos of Grandvaux Vineyards in Autumn, Lavaux

The terraced vineyards of Grandvaux in Lavaux between Cully and Lutry near Lausanne, Switzerland provide hikers spectacularly beautiful landscapes perfect for photos in autumn.

Photos of Grandvaux Vineyards in Autumn, Lavaux

The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-listed terraced vineyards in the Lavaux region in Switzerland provide some of the most spectacular scenery along the shores of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Vevey. From spring to late autumn these vineyards are spectacularly beautiful.

Hiking in the Lavaux region is a pleasure. Endless paved paths lead through the vineyards making it easy to enjoy the views from many levels. Inclines are often very steep but it is possible to stay fairly level for long distances. Train stations are also located at different levels to provide easy access too.

Grandvaux Vineyards between Lutry & Cully in Lavaux, Switzerland

The photos below were taken on November 6, 2010 on a gloriously unseasonably warm day. The hike from Cully station via Grandvaux, Aran (above Villette), Chateau de Montagny, Châtelard, and Tour Bertholod to Lutry station with small children took just over two hours.

We mostly follow the Grand traversée de Lavaux (Lavaux long-distance hiking path). Yellow arrows made it easy to follow the standard path without a detailed map. Several further marked paths are available but there is no reason to really stick to a prescribed route. Access to all paths is free – picnic spots and benches abound.

Lutry and Cully are on the lakeside railway and road between Lausanne and Vevey. S1 and S3 trains stop in both Lutry and Cully. These small towns are only about five minutes apart by train or car. Grandvaux station is on the higher level on the main Lausanne to Bern railway line. Parking spots are available at stations and in many towns.


Photos of the Grandvaux Area of the Lavaux in Autumn

See photos of the Grandvaux and Lavaux in autumn on Flickr.

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