Photos of Lucens near Lausanne

Lucens Castle

Lucens is a pretty village with a medieval castle, a Sherlock Holmes Museum, and many hiking trails offering lovely views for photos on a half-day trip from Lausanne in Switzerland. Lucens is a pretty village with a lovely medieval fortress, a Sherlock Holmes Museum, many hiking trails as well as mini golf and swin golf … Read more

See Roman and Medieval Sights in Avenches

Amphitheater and Castle in Avenches in Switzerland

Avenches has a well-preserved Roman amphitheater, several ruins, a Roman museum, a Renaissance castle, and interesting medieval buildings. Avenches, the capital of Switzerland during Roman times, is an interesting small town to visit just off the Autoroute A1 between Lausanne and Bern. The town is particularly known for its Roman amphitheater that is still in … Read more