See Roman and Medieval Sights in Avenches

Amphitheater and Castle in Avenches in Switzerland

Avenches has a well-preserved Roman amphitheater, several ruins, a Roman museum, a Renaissance castle, and interesting medieval buildings. Avenches, the capital of Switzerland during Roman times, is an interesting small town to visit just off the Autoroute A1 between Lausanne and Bern. The town is particularly known for its Roman amphitheater that is still in … Read more

Visit the Roman Museum and Amphitheater in Avenches

Roman Museum and Amphitheater in Avenches in Switzerland

Avenches has an interesting Roman Museum in a medieval tower right next to the Roman amphitheater still used for concerts and festivals. Avenches, then known as Aventicum, was the capital of Helvetia (present-day Switzerland) during most of the Roman era. The town has some Roman ruins that are worth seeing but the main attractions are … Read more

Visit the Roman Museum in Vallon & Lacustre Stilt-House Village

The Musée Romain in Vallon Switzerland

The Musée Romain de Vallon has the largest Roman mosaic in Switzerland while the Village Lacustre in Gletterens on Lake Neuchatel has prehistoric reconstructed stilt houses. The Roman Museum in Vallon and the Stilt-House Lacustre Village in Gletterens are two minor sights on the eastern shores of Lake Neuchatel near Payerne, Avenches, and Estavayer-le-Lac. The … Read more

Visit the Château d’Yverdon Castle and Museum on Lake Neuchâtel

Château d’Yverdon Castle and Museum

The Château d’Yverdon castle houses an interesting local history museum with exhibits from the Neolithic to present era including menhirs, Roman barges, and medieval treasures. The Yverdon-les-Bains region at the far southwestern corner of Lac de Neuchâtel in Western Switzerland has been continuously inhabited by humans for the past 6,000 years. Not surprisingly therefore, the … Read more