Genève Public Buses to Geneva Airport (GVA)

Public buses are the cheapest and often most convenient transportation to Geneva Airport (GVA) when traveling from downtown Genève and other suburbs.

Geneva Airport Bus 5

Getting to Geneva Airport (GVA) is often the cheapest and easiest on Genève’s public bus system. Buses run from the airport to downtown Genève Cornavin train station, the international organizations, and several suburbs of Geneva as well as nearby towns in France. The regular train is the fastest option if heading to Geneva’s main train station (also referred to as Genève-Cornavin station) or further into Switzerland.

Taxis in Geneva are very expensive and surcharges are made for luggage. Compare prices and reserve online for private minibus airport transfers to any destination in Switzerland and France – for small groups the prices may be competitive with public transportation. Taxis to the airport are considerably cheaper than taxis from the airport. Gettransfer and Suntransfers give online quotations.

The free Tout Genève public transportation tickets are no longer dispensed for free in the luggage claim area of the arrivals hall. Buy tickets from the vending machines at the bus stops before boarding the bus — most destinations are in Zone 10 / Tout Genève.

Genève Public Buses to Geneva Airport (GVA)

The following Genève public transportation buses stop at Geneva Airport with buses 10 and 5 generally the most useful to visitors — the other buses do not pass through the center of Geneva City:

  • Bus 10 connects Geneva Airport and Rive in the old town via Balexert and Geneva train station – use the Lyon (Gare Cornavin) stop.
  • Bus 5 connects Geneva Airport and Thônex-Vallard via Palexpo, Nations (International Organizations), Gare Cornavin, Bel Air, Hôpital, Muséum, and Malagnou.

Other buses stopping at Geneva Airport is of lesser use to most foreign visitors and do not pass through the city center of Genève:

  • Bus 23 connects Geneva Airport and Carouge via Lancy (bus 23 does not pass through the center of Geneva)
  • Bus 28 connects Geneva Airport and Les Esserts via Blandonnet, Lignon-Tours, and Pont-Butin. It no longer provides the service to the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), Red Cross (ICRC), and the World Trade Organization (WTO) — use bus 5 and change at Nations.
  • Bus 50 and bus 54 connect Geneva Airport with Versoix-Centre Sportif – it does not pass through the city center.
  • Bus 56 connects Geneva Airport with Hôpital de la Tour via Blandonnnet, Meyrin-Gare and Zimeysa-Gare – it does not pass through the city center.
  • Bus 57 connects Geneva Airport with Zimeysa and Vernier/Meyrin stations – it does not pass through the city center.
  • Bus 59 connected Geneva Airport with Plage du Vengeron via Palexpo and Grand Saconnex – it does not pass through the city center.
  • Bus 66 connects the airport with Thoiry via Ferney. (The Tout Genève ticket is valid for travel only while bus Y is inside Switzerland.)

All buses stop at the Swiss / International side of Geneva Airport usually near the railway station and never at the French sector. Consult the posted maps — not all buses use the same stopping points at the airport station.


By Train from Genève Gare Cornavin to Geneva Airport

The fastest connection between downtown Geneva and Geneva Airport is by train. The train takes only six minutes from Geneva Airport to Geneva Gare. This journey is covered by the Tout Genève ticket, which is CHF3. If added to a regular train ticket, the cost is CHF6.

Gare Cornavin has excellent connections with Geneva’s public transportation buses and trams. Most buses and trams pass by the station. Many buses use stop Place 22 Cantons, which is a block to the west from the station stops.

Walking and cycling to the airport are also possible but do consult maps in advance as finding the safe crossing points of the highway (Autoroute A1) is not all that easy.

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