Enjoy the Bains de Lavey Hot Water Day Spa near Lake Geneva

Relax and enjoy the warmest thermal waters in Switzerland at the day spa and swimming pools of Lavey in the Rhone Valley of Valais near Montreux and Lac Léman.

Lavey les Bains Outdoor Pools

Les Bains de Lavey is a day spa with large thermal water pools and a range of saunas and steam baths. Although most visitors simply enjoy the hot water, Jacuzzis and jet streams, day spa beauty treatments and massages are available as wellness and medical treatments. The day spa is just off the main highway next to the Rhone River in the Valais making for very easy access from Lake Geneva cities such as Montreux and Lausanne, as well as the ski resorts in the Valais Alps. Lavey claims to have the warmest thermal waters in Switzerland.

  • Children under 4 years old are not allowed into the complex at all.

Les Bains de Lavey Day Spa near Lake Geneva

The hot water source of Lavey was discovered in 1831 but attempts to draw the rich and famous of Europe failed in the face of competition in especially Germany and other resorts in Switzerland. Even today, Lavey is often more of a hidden gem than other Valais resorts despite the very easy access from Lake Geneva and Alpine ski resorts.

The thermal water of the baths at Lavey is sourced from two drillings. The older drilling from 1972 is 201 m deep and produces water at 62°C. The newer drilling from 1997 is 517 m deep and at 68°C the hottest thermal water sourced in Switzerland. Each drilling has a flow of 1,200 l/min.

The waters of Lavey is classified as “thermal water and chlorinated sodium sulfate, sulfur, Lithia, fluoride and boric containing metasilicic acid, and to a lesser extent, hydrocarbon-, calcium, with a slightly higher iodine content.” Its medical claims are for treating rheumatic musculoskeletal and dermatological problems.

Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis at Lavey Day Spa, Switzerland

Time to relax! Views of the Alps from the outdoor pools at Lavey-les-Bains day spa in the Rhone valley near Lake Geneva.

The day spa complex at the Bains de Lavey has three main pools covering an area of 1,600 m2. The larger of the two outdoor pools has an area of just over 1,000 m2.

In addition to the three pools, a further two large Jacuzzis are in the open air with views of the mountains. In the larger pools are a variety of jet streams, underwater currents, waterfalls, swan-necks, bubble beds, and water jets. The indoor pool at times plays subaquatic sounds.

The temperatures in the pools range from 32 to 36°C. In summer, the temperature is allowed to drop to 28°C in one of the outdoor pools.

Saunas and Steam Baths at Les Bains de Lavey

The day spa at Lavey has several relaxing saunas and hammams. These facilities are included in the general admission but open to over 16-year olds only.

The Bains de Lavey has a variety of saunas in the Nordic Pavilion. The use of towels is compulsory, as are bathing costumes with the exception of the naturist sauna. The saunas are not gender-specific.

The oriental space has two mixed hammams (Turkish steam baths) and separate ones for each gender (bathing suits on). Temperatures range from 40 to 50°C with humidity between 80 and 100%. The fountains inside the hammams have drinking water.

The Rest Pavilion (Le Pavillon Sérénité) has quiet rooms with a fireplace in winter and further rooms with color therapy. These quiet spaces are also reserved for adults only.

Wellness and Medical Treatments at Lavey Day Spa

Les Bains de Lavey offers the usual day-spa wellness packages such as beauty treatments, massages, and group classes for yoga, pilates and aqua gym sessions. Treatment appointments usually require reservations at least a day in advance.

As with many other thermal bath resorts, Les Bains de Lavey also offer medical treatments and water cures. These include physiotherapy, ergotherapy, and hydrotherapy especially aimed at musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Opening Hours and Admission Prices to Lavey Day Spa

The Bains de Lavey is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm, closing at 10 pm on weekends. The complex is closed on Christmas Day and usually the second half of June (for maintenance).

The best times for quiet visits are sunny summer days, weekday mornings and early afternoon. The baths are busier on colder weekends and especially late afternoon and evening in winter when skiers visit for an après ski soak.

Basic admission is CHF28 for 3 hours (CHF35 for 4 hours) for adults and includes the use of pools, saunas, and steam rooms. Children 4 to 15 pay CHF19 (or CHF24) – photo id may be required. Overstays are charged at CHF5 per additional half-hour. Small discounts are given to families of three or more – maximum two adults. Entry after 19:00 on Monday to Thursday outside holiday periods is slightly discounted.

Children under 4 are not allowed into the complex.

No picnicking is allowed inside the complex. A casual restaurant serves small snacks and meals while the adjacent Grand Hotel des Bains serves fuller meals and a buffet lunch.


Dress Code at the Lavey Day Spa near Lake Geneva

Dress code at Lavey

The clothing policy of each day spa in Europe varies. At Les Bains de Lavey the whole complex is clothes on (except the small naturists’ sauna).

Swimming shorts are permitted in the pools but may not cover the knee. Swimming suits should also not be too small – no g-strings or topless for women. Swimming caps are allowed (and optional) but long hair must be bound tight. Other caps and shirts are not allowed inside the pools. Only bare feet are allowed once past the lockers.

Towels and bathrobes are sold in the shop (expensive) and are not available for rent.

Transportation to Les Bains de Lavey

Lavey Google Map

Les Bains de Lavey is easily reached by car or train – it is the closest Valais Valley hot thermal water day spa to the Lake Geneva region. Lavey is near St Maurice in the Aigle district.

Driving is the easiest option to Les Bains de Lavey. The day spa of Lavey is in the valley near the Rhone River and A1 (E62) highway making it an easy stop en route to and from other Valais resorts without having to drive higher up into the mountains. Use the St Maurice exit, which is only around a kilometer from the spa on the opposite bank of the Rhone River. Parking is free.

Driving times and distance to the Lavey thermal baths are around:

  • Geneva Airport – 1h20 / 120 km
  • Lausanne – 0h45 / 60 km
  • Bern – 1h20 / 120
  • Montreux – 0h25 / 30 km

St Maurice is the closest train station to the Bains de Lavey. Interregio (IR) trains call here at least hourly on the run from Genève Airport to Brig, with further trains and buses providing connections to local towns.

Traveling times by IR trains to St Maurice are:

  • 1h30 from Genève Airport
  • 1h20 from Geneva
  • 0h40 from Lausanne
  • 0h23 from Montreux
  • 0h10 from Martigny
  • 0h24 from Sion
  • 1h03 from Brig

St Maurice station is around a 2.5 km (30 minute) walk from the spa. A bus (192) is often coordinating with train arrivals. The bus stop Lavey-les-Bains Et Thermal is directly in front of the day spa entrance.

Hot water spring resorts and thermal pools are hugely popular in Switzerland with several in the Valais Valley area. Lavey-les-Bains is the closest of these resorts to Lake Geneva and offers easy access without having to go up high in the mountains, as is the case with for example beautiful Leukerbad.